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Bhool ARY Digital Pakistani Drama Serial


Director: Mohsin Mirza
Writer: Ali Moeen
Producer: Idream Entertainment
Cast: #Affan Waheed, #Saheefa Jabbar Khattak.
Schedule: Wednesday 8:00 – 10:00 pm
Network: ARY Digital


Bhool drama series is on air on ARY Digital. It is written by Ali Moeen and directed by Mohsin Mirza. Its story is very amazing and sad.Its story based on a big fault of love which destroy their whole life. In other words, we can say this big fault, a big sin which is done by a woman. Actually, the woman fell in love and escape from home.

Main characters are the Aimen and Awais. Aimen has a father,mother, brother and their wife. Aimen’s father is very gentle man. He loves Aimen very much. He cares and trust her. On the other hand, Awais has a mother which is very proudy and cruel woman. Awais belongs to a rich family.

Aimen and Awais love each other. But unfortunately, Aimen’s marriage are fix with other boy. Aimen is not haply with this marriage. At last, she escape from home on her mehendi’s day. She went from home and to give up their parents. Aimen’s father shocked very much and finally he is no more. All the family members of Aimen shocked and sad so much and angry with Aimen.

After the escaping from home, she got married with Awais. But the behavior of Awais change after marriage with Aimen. Awais is not sincere with Aimen after marriage and give a divorce her just because of his mother don’t accept Aimen crying so much that don’t do this but Awais never listen her and escape from our house. Now Aimen have only a regret.

She come back to their home but her brother don’t come in our house. But his mother allow Aimen to come in their house. She apologized all family members. She is very shocked to listen her father’s death. Married with a rich woman. Aimen reached the Awais home and tell all the story which she face, to a second wife Rania of Awais. Rania shocked and bother very much. Rania take divorced with Awais and help Aimen as she possible.

After some time, Aimen blessed with a daughter, which is named as Ayesha. With the passage of time their daughter become a younger. Furthermore, the drama conclude that every thing is the happiness of parents. Without the permission of parent, every step make a regret. After reading this story, you will understand the meaning of drama Bhool. Drama Serial On Air on Ary Digital Therefore you can see This Drama.

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