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Darr Khuda Say Geo Tv Pakistani Drama Serial


Directed: Anjum Shehzad
Writer: Sarwat Nazeer
Produced: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Cast: #Adeel Chaudhary, #Komal Aziz Khan, #Shameen Khan, #Faria Sheikh, #Babar Khan.
Schedule: Tuesday at 8:00 pm
Network: Geo Tv


The drama series Darr Khuda Say is on air on GEO entertainment. It is directed by Anjum Shehzad and written by Sarwat Nazeer. The drama “Darr Khuda say” is very romantic story. It is based on reality which is present in our society.

Actually, its story tells that lives are destroyed by a big blame to woman’s. However, the story based on those womans which are get out from their house in search of job due their critical cries.

But peoples are seen to those woman in mile eyes and cheap thoughts in our mind. Woman face very critical situation in the offices, schools and different places which she works.

Main characters are the Afreen which is heroin of the drama and Shahwaiz. Afreen is a very sensitive woman. She has a mother, father, sister and two brothers. She is the only one daughter which cares their parents and their house. Entire brothers and sister are very foolish. They do not care their parents and house. Afreen work in a office and run home. Afreen is very gentle girl. She reserve for every one.

In comparison with, Shahwaiz is very bad boy. He is married with an ad-get woman only for their wealth. He wants to hold the bank balance of their wife. He does not love with their wife. He likes obscenity and vulgarity and adapted all their bad hobbits. He look every woman desperately.

Shahwaiz is very cruel person. Firstly he getting back to their mad and then Afreen. In contrast, Afreen is very gentle and realized and take care their parents. Their parents trust her very much. But when Shshwaiz fall on bad movements with Afreen, she will get bad luck. Their parents also revenge her. At last Shahwaiz destroy their life completely. She get out from their house only in compulsion. But she made a fun for peoples only.

Finally, the story conclude that woman’s are fun for people, whose get out from their house to run home. Darr Khuda Say Drama Serial On Air on Geo Tv Therefore you can see This Drama.

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