Do Bol

Do Bol Ary Digital Pakistani Drama Series


Director: Syed Wajahat Hussain
Writer: Sarwat Nazeer
Producer: Six Sigma Plus, Next Level Entertainment
Cast: #Salman Saeed, #Haroon Shahid, #Samina Ahmed, #Mehmood Aslam, #Rubina Ashraf
Schedule: Sunday at 8:00 Pm to 10:00 Pm
Network: ARY Digital


Do Bol is a Pakistani drama television serial which on-air on Ary Digital Channel. It is directed by syed wajahat Hussain. The drama serial Do Bol is an interesting and romantic story. It shows the strictly and rude behaviour of which is called Iqbal that destroy the life of their daughter and their wife.

Main character is their daughter and her hero. The hero name is Badar that are very gentle honest and sensible man. Badar has a father, mother and 2 sisters. Badar belongs to a poor family, Badar works in Iqbal’s office as a Accountant.

The daughter name is Gaiti Ara. Badar look after and cares the Gaiti Ara by wedding her. He protect and loves her Gaiti Ara father (Iqbal) which is rude and strict has two wife’s, two sister and one brother.

Brother and one sister live with her. Both sisters are cruel. They interfere deeply in the matters of Iqbal’s family, specially Gaiti Ara. They jealous the Gaiti.

Iqbal married their daughter with Badar by a big miss understanding. Iqbal left her daughter with his house Gaiti live with badar but not happily at the starting days.

But with the passage of time she realized the reality and qualities of Badar. She understand that Badar is very honest and sincere with her. The whole story show that sincerity and honesty always won.

Drama Serial On Air on Ary Digital Therefore you can see This Drama.

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