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Pakeeza Phuppho ARY Digital Pakistani Drama series


Directed: Kashif Ahmed Butt
Writer: Seema Sheikh
Produced: iDream Entertainment Presents
Cast: #Kashif Mehmood, #Salma Hassan, #Ramsha Khan, #Shezeal Shaukat, #Eman, #Zainab Qayoom, #Haris Waheed, #Hafsa Butt, #Akbar Aslam, #Sufia Sohail, #Usama Khan, #Asad Butt.
Schedule: Monday – Tuesday at 7:00 pm
Network: ARY Digital


Pakeeza Phuppo drama series is On-Air on ARY Digital. It is directed By Kashif Ahmed Butt and written by Seema Sheikh. The drama is full of strange and oppression. However the story is very amazing and relates our environment that are present in now a days. Our society and the peoples that are living in this society fall on this bad victim, which is called oppression. The story consist of a three sisters that has a very strict father. Their mother is very innocent and never do anything to her daughters.

Main character is Pakeeza and Shams. Pakeeza and Shams are the sister and brother. Shams love with their sister Pakeeza with so much. He don’t bear anything which is discussed against Pakeeza. Pakeeza is very cruel and selfish woman. Selfishness and cleverness is the hobby of Pakeeza and apply it to Sham’s family.

Shams has a wife (Rukkaya) and three daughters. First one is Saba, second is Maira and third one is Annu. Shams does not love with their daughters particularly the third one Annu. He does not want to born the third daughter. He wants a son that makes arm of their father. But unfortunately dos’t never. So, he abuse and oppressed their daughters and wife.

On the other hand, clever Pakeeza has a son Bilal and daughter. They are very rubbish and never respect any one. Pakeeza interferes the Shams family so much. She always play a role as an apple of discard in the house of Shams family. She always scolding to their daughters and wife. Pakeeza does not want that Rukkaya and their daughters are living happily. So, she walk giants or tricks for Rukkaya and their daughters. Clever pakeeza always correct in the eyes of their brother (Shams) and Rukkaya and their daughters are wrong in the eye of Shams.

Shams does not proof a good father and husband but he is a very good brother. He give a very bad punish to their daughters. Although does not a good behave to their wife and daughters. Rukkaya grown up their daughters in a very good way. She learn all the good manners, good behavior to their daughter. As this result Saba, Maira and Annu are very well mannered and well behaved. Every one admired the Rukkaya’s daughters.

Bilal loves Maira but Maira love their cousin Ashar. Ashar is the son of Rukkaya’s brother. Maira hearts Bilal very much. Pakeeza is very greedy woman. Looking all the wealth of Shams, she gave a purposed for Saba to their son Bilal, just at the same moment when the discussion of saba’s purposal is continue in another place. Bilal is very foolish and jobless boy. But the shama does not refuse this purposal in the love of their sister. Shams confirmed this purposal Actually the pakeeza wants to hold all the weath of shams by this marrige. Pakeeza wants good future to their children’s only. For this she could every thing which is possible.

Innocent rukkaya and their daughters face this suffocating environment-er and bears all the situation in Haphazardness. Pakeeza Phuppo Drama Serial On Air on ARY Digital Therefore you can see This Drama.

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