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Anaa Hum Tv Pakistani Drama Series


Directed: Shahzad Kashmiri
Writer: Samira Fazil
Produced: Momina Duraid
Cast: #Hania Amir, #Shehzad Sheikh, #Naimal Khawar, #Irfan Khoosat, #Simi Raheal, #Shamil Khan, #Usman Mukhtar, #Areeba Shahood Alvi, #Hoor Hassan
Schedule: Sunday at 8:00 pm
Network: Hum Tv


Anaa is a Pakistani drama series which is on-air on Hum TV network. Its director is shehzad kashmiri. Anaa drama is very popular among the people. The story of this drama is very incredible and romantic.

Behind the story drama also focus the beautiful velly of chittral. This velly attracts the people to watch the drama more enjoyously.

Main characters are Danin and Areesh, Eza and Altamash. Another characters are the father and mother of Areesh. There is a grandmother of Areesh and sister of Areesh. Danin has a father and a grandfather. Eza has a mother as Nazia and a father. Altamash has one sister. Altamash live alone and their sister Aania live in Areesh’s house.

Actually the drama consist of a big revenge. This revenge is continue since twenty five years old. This revenge become a big fight between Danin and Areesh’s family. This revenge is in between Danin’s Ant and the son of Areesh’s grandmother. This is a love story.

The family of Areesh is very narrow mined. They believe their own customs, whatever other is wrong or good. They hate Danin except Areesh. Areesh and Danin love each other. Areesh engaged Danin by force. All the family members of Areesh did not agree with this decession.

So father and grandmother of Areesh create misunderstandings between Areesh and Danin. Finally they successful in their mission. At Last, there is breakup between Areesh and Danin. Areesh does not believe Danin so, they hate one another. Danin become so upset and sad.

Another side there is Altamash and Eza’s story. Altamash is a business. He is very rich man. Eza is a daughter of Danin’s Ant. She is very polite and soft in talk. They meet in the engagement of Danin and Areesh. They chat one another. Now this conversation become a love story with the passage of time.

After some days Danin married with a big business man. This marriage is temporary and just for formality. And Areesh had become married with Aania. Both Areesh and Danin are not happy with their marriage. After married with Aania, Areesh realized their wrong decession.

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