Deewar-e-Shab Pakistani Drama serial
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Deewar-e-Shab Pakistani Drama serial


Directed: Iqbal Hussain
Writer: Aliya Bukhari
Produced: Momina Duraid of MD Productions
Cast: #Nausheen Shah, #Mohsin Abbas Haider, #Zara Noor Abbas, #Sarah Khan, #Shahzad Sheikh, #Kinza Hashmi, #Bushra Ansari, #Asma Abbas, #Zainab Qayyum, #Shahroz Sabzwari, #Anmol Baloch, #Osama Tahir, #Hira Soomro, #Tara Mahmood, #Mariam Mirza, #Syed Mohammad Ahmed, #Aamna Malick, #Ayesha Toor, #Kamran Jilani.
Schedule: Saturday at 8:00 pm
Network: Hum Tv


Deewar-e-Shab is the latest drama series which is on air on Hum Tv. It is directed by Iqbal Hussain and written by Aliya Bukhari. It is very interesting drama. The story is about prostitutes. The story tells that how can ancient civilization established in the modern age. Dances, Gracefulness and sing a songs makes their function more fabulous. This Dances, Graceness and colorfulness is the source of earn money for prostitutes.

In Deewar-e-Shab story is same as discussed earlier. Main character is the Sitara Jahan that hold their own Kotha. She run their Kotha in a very incredible way. Only their Kotha is the source of earn money. She follow all the old traditional civilization and culture. Therefore, her Kotha is well running and successful in the modern age.

Sitara Jahan has two daughter, first one is Nageena and second is mother. Anyhow, the second daughter. Feroza is very pretty, gorgeous and well mannered. She understand and learn all the traditions including dance, song and good graceness to her mother. She is only the one who established the Kotha of Sitara Jahan. Furthermore, she is only the source of earn money. Sitara Jahan loves Feroza very much. Beyond this, Nageena always dis-heart their mother. Sitara Jahan always angry with Nageena due to their carelessness.

Furthermore, another character is Dildar Bagum that is the small sister of Sitara Jahan. She play the negative roll in the drama. She has its own Kotha but its Kotha do not run successfully. So, she is jealous from Sitara Jahan. She always trying to down the Kotha of Sitara Jahan. She started the giants for Sitara Jahan. Their main goal is to remove the Feroza so their Kotha downward.

Another character is the Shama that are living with Sitara Jahan since childhood. She is sincere with Sitara Jahan and done a lot of work in the Kotha of Sitara Jahan. Furthermore, a boy which is named as Faiz Ali also attached with Sitara Jahan. He also work with Sitara and love her daughter Nageena.

With the passage of time, At last Dildar Bagum won their goal and giants. Feroza escape from the Kotha of Sitara Jahan. Feroza’s mother is sad very much. Now the Kotha of Sitara Jahan down day by day. Because Nageena does not learn any thing. Looking all the situation, Sitara Jahan decided to marry Nageena with Faiz Ali. At last their marriage is done and Faiz Ali died in an accident after some times of marriage. Nageena blessed with twin baby girls. On the other hand, Feroza also died but she is also blessed with a baby boy.

There is Another family that has two brothers and their children. However the story decided that their children’s are grown up and started the entire story from those children’s and the children’s of Nageena and Feroza. There is a link between those brothers and Sitara Jahan’s family because a small brother take the Feroza’s son to the Sitara Jahan. Drama Serial On Air on Hum Tv Therefore you can see This Drama.

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