Mera Rab Waris Geo Tv Pakistani Drama Serial
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Mera Rab Waris Geo Tv Pakistani Drama Serial


Directed: Asad Jabal
Writer: Jahanzeb Qamar
Produced: 7th Sky Entertainment
Cast: #Danish Taimoor, #Syeda Madiha Imam, #Abid Ali, #Seemi Pasha, #Tanveer Jamal, #Fazila Qazi
Schedule: Thursday at 8:00 pm
Network: Geo Tv


Mera Rab Waris drama series is on-air on Geo Entertainment. It is written by Jahanzeb Qamar and directed by Asad Jabal . The story of drama Mera Rab Waris reveals and focuses the Islamic point of view. The story also tells the vail of woman.

Actually the story consist of a girl which is very polite, gentle and Cleanliness. Main characters are the girl which is known as Ayesha, Haris which is the hero of the drama and Faizi.

Haris is a son of rich man. He has a father, mother and two sisters. He hold the business of their father. Ayesha is only a daughter of their parents. She is very religious and Islamic in nature. Ayesha’s father and Haris’s father are very good friend also. Faizi is a servant of Ayesha’s house. Ayesha and Faizi are good friend also.

Ayesha and Haris’s father decided that they will create a new relation by marriage of Ayesha and Haris. So they keep calm and relax. But Haris live in a fantasy luxurious life. He refuse this relationship. He never seen Ayesha before.

After sometime, Ayesha and Haris meet at a shopping mall and suddenly her vail down. Haris see the Ayesha in first time. He thought a wonderful girl. Now he likes Ayesha. He again send a purposal for Ayesha. Ayesha’s parents accept his purposal.

Another side, Faizi which is a friend of Ayesha. He likes Ayesha very much. But he did not express his feeling to Ayesha. Soon Ayesha and Haris will married. Now they become a life partner. Faizi take a very deep pain by this relation. He fell ill in the love of Ayesha.

Mera Rab Waris Drama Serial On Air on Geo Tv Therefore you can see This Drama.

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