Surkh Chandni ARY Digital Pakistani Drama Serial
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Surkh Chandni ARY Digital Pakistani Drama Serial


Director: Shahid Shafaat
Writer: Asma Nabeel
Producer: Next Level Entertainment & Six Sigma Plus Production Present
Cast: #Sohai Ali Abro, #Osman Khalid Butt, #Mansha Pasha, #Asad Siddiqui, #Lubna Aslam, #Gul-e-Rana.
Schedule: Tuesday 8:00 – 10:00 pm
Network: ARY Digital


Surkh chandni drama series is on air on ARY Digital. It is written by Asma Nabeel and directed by Shahid Shafaat. The story of Surkh Chandni is very amazing and full of sadness. It is very interesting drama. Actually the side point is that a woman which are very simple, polite and gentle but the peoples are not living happily. They blame to woman.

A man who love this woman, attack an acid on her face just because she does not love with this man. The story is full of oppression.

Main characters are the Aida and Amman and Jawad. As discussed earlier that Aida is gentle and simple woman. She has a poor father and mother, a brother and their wife. The brother and his wife are very cruel and rude with Aida and do not since with their parents particularly their wife Shamalia only their brother run home.

On the other hand, Amman is also very gentle man and love with Aida. Amman is the cousin of Aida. They love with each other. In contrast with Amman, Jawad is the neighbor of Aida and also love with Aida. But it is a one sided love. Aida heart jawad very much. But Jawad is getting back to Aida and fall on bad movements.

When Jawad fall on bad movements with Aida, Aida insulted Jawad, in front of all peoples. Jawad did not bear their insult and fall on a big revenge to Aida. Aida’s marriage are fixed with Amman. Unfortunately, on her marriage day, Jawad done an acid attack to Aida. Sadly, Aida’s face and some part of their body is damage badly.

Innocent Aida face a deep pain but the sad point is that nobody trust Aida except her parents and their fiance. Peoples laying a big blame to Aida and thought a characterless in our mind. Furthermore, Jawad a very cruel and dangerous person begin threatening to Aida. The treat is that Aida kept shut their mouth.

After some days, Aida come back home from hospital but her brother and their wife do not accept Aida. Her brother understand the Aida a characterless woman. Amman opened the case of Aida in the court. But sadly, Jawad approved a correct person in front of judge. Therefore, the judge decided that Jawad is innocent and Aida is characterless woman. Their sister in law (Shamaila) also witnesses in the right of Jawad. Shamaila is very selfish and greedy woman.

Innocent Aida escape from this suffocating environment but there is no place where she going. Amman trying to face this critical situation but Aida dis heart very much. Looking all this critical situation. Aida’s father said the Amman that he done nikkah after two days. Amman agreed with their father but Aida dis heart and don’t marriage with Amman due to the threatening of Jawad.

However the drama Surkh Chandni means an acid attack on the face, so it damaged badly. Drama Serial On Air on Ary Digital Therefore you can see This Drama.

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