Uraan APlus Pakistani Upcoming Dramas Series Teaser (Promo)
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Uraan APlus Pakistani Upcoming Dramas Series Teaser (Promo)


Directed: Zukfiqar Haider
Writer: Sabiqa Zainab
Produced: Zukfiqar Haider
Cast: #Ali Josh, #Nimra Khan, #Kiran Tabeer, #Saba Faisal, #Zia Khan, #Munazzah Arif, #Raheela Agha, #Salman Faisal, #Sameer Khan, #Anjum Habib, #Imran Ahmed, #Zafar Abbas, #Mehreen Shah, #Danish Ahmed.
Schedule: Monday & Tuesday at 8:00 pm
Network: A-Plus


Uraan drama series is on-air on Aplus channel. It is directed by zulfiqar haider and written by sabika zainab. Uran drama series is very amazing. It is a two sided view drama. First side is the Naran Khaghan and other is develop city which is a Lahore.

Actually this short story based on a revenge and power of vadara people. This drama’s story also tells that how can people changed within time by obsession. In the Naran khaghan people are seen in their own dresses languages nature and culture. This is a beautiful part of this drama.

Main characters are the two cousins which are Mina and Hussna. They live together in a house. Hussna’s parents are not a live. She live in their uncle and anti’s house. Another character is Abdul Qadir Khan which is a vadera of this village. He has many power. He does any work by force. Abdul Qadir Khan is a fiance of Mina. They engaged together but Mina is not happy with this relation but Abdul Qadir Khan is very happy.

Forth and the famous character is the Ali. Ali is hero of the drama. He is a very big business man. He is a very rich man. But he is very polite and gentle man also. His Anti and their daughter live with his. His Anti control all their house and office. She is greedy in nature.

Mina is a very careless girl. She does not care weather it is wrong or right. She go away from their village to get ride of Abdul Qadir Khan. She reached Lahore. There she faces many critical situation. Everyone tries intensity to her. At last she meet Ali. Ali give shelter and food to her and give a chance to become a model. By the effort of Ali. Now Mina become a super model. Ali also loves her. He changed her name as Tamana.

On the after land, Abdul Qadir Khan cruel on Mina’s parents and cousin. People of the village decided to love out of Mina’s parents and cousin. So they left their village and went to Lahore. There they reached in their brother’s house. Every one do not agree to keep in their house.

Uraan Drama Serial On Air on A Plus Therefore you can see This Drama.

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